Karl Motey

Business & Technology

Drove over 20% of the licensing revenue for new product as Vice President of Business Development for Spansion, Inc. 

Increased revenue by 50% as a Business and Corporate Development Consultant for Adesto Technologies.

Established four successful client relationships (Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft) at Spin Memory, Inc.

About Karl

Karl Motey

Karl Motey has spent his entire career working with mergers and acquisitions, and has become quite the expert in his field. Motey started out as a strategy consultant in business development and marketing. Motey quickly became the Vice President of Business Development for Spansion, Inc. Motey is extremely proud of the fact that while in this role, he drove over 20% of the licensing revenue or their new product. Motey did this through negotiation, product development, and successful communication.

Motey served  several years as a Business and Corporate Development Consultant for Adesto Technologies.  Karl  was in charge of driving all corporate development, valuation analysis, synergy analysis, and more. With the integration of S3 Semiconductor and  Echelon, Motey increased revenue by 50%.

While working for Spin Memory, Inc., Motey established four  hugely successful client relationships. They included Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. Motey oversaw the due diligence of investors in  this project.

Lastly, while working for Gigadevice Semiconductor, Inc., Karl  Motey established  Corporate Development practice in  the United States, as well as developed relationships with all major investment banks and law firms.

Currently, Karl Motey works as an independent contractor offering business development solutions to growth companies. Throughout his tenure, Karl Motey has had several keystone moments. When working with Adesto, Motey completed two acquisitions in only eight months! This increased revenue by more than half.  While working  with Spansion, Motey negotiated multi-million-dollar licensing agreements, supply agreements, and product development agreements. This led directly to a 20% increase in revenue for Spansion.

Throughout Karl Motey’s career, he has had the opportunity to fine-tune his business development skills. Motey is now an expert in corporate development, developing successful strategies by  identifying high-yield technological solutions. Additionally, Motey is an expert in global acquisitions. He has led efforts globally to identify opportunities for licensing and/ or acquisitions. 

One of Karl Motey’s proudest moments was when  he teamed up with the CEO and  Senior  Management  of  Spansion in order to develop acquisition strategies  for acquiring Fujitsu’s  MCU business. In  doing this, Motey increased revenue for the company by 500 million dollars,  and market capitalization by even more!

Karl Motey is in the process of launching a public company, as their co-founder. When Karl is not  working, he enjoys listening to and playing music, sports, and spending time with his  family and friends. Particularly, Motey enjoys engaging in outdoor activities in sunny California!