About Karl Motey

Karl Motey is a successful business consultant and corporate development executive. He primarily works within the San Francisco Bay Area. Alongside a dedication towards all business needs, Karl Motey believes firmly in forming strong bonds through good leadership skills.

Karl Motey’s specialty lies within mergers and acquisitions. Here he is a transformational leader and strategic thinker with a wealth of experience. Motey is highly skilled at increasing revenue, profit, and growth for companies.

Along with mergers and acquisitions, Karl Motey is an expert in the technological field – especially how it pertains to business. He has a solid track record of making the business he works with all the stronger.

Currently, Karl Motey is available as an independent Business and Corporate Development Consultant within the area. Here, he helps companies grow to their full potential.

When Karl Motey isn’t working hard with various businesses, he indulges in his passion for sports. He enjoys coaching, playing, and watching – in short, he loves it all. Motey is especially fond of teams within his state – California. This includes the Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Karl Motey’s other passions include playing music and spending time with family and friends. In short, he isn’t afraid to enjoy the time available to him!

Karl Motey

Background Experience

Parabellum Acquisition Corp.
Partner -Sponsor Investor
March 2021 – Present

Spansion Inc.
Vice President, Business Development

Wachovia Corp
Senior Vice President, Equity Research Analyst

SGH – SMART Global Holdings
Vice President, Strategic Marketing and Business Development
2019 – March 2020

Spansion Inc.
Strategy Consultant | Business Development | Marketing | IR

C.E. Unterberg,Towbin
Principal, Equity Research Analyst

Business & Corporate Development 
2015 -2018

Independent Consultant
Principal | Equity Research Analyst

Duetsche Bank, Alex Brown
Associate Research Analyst

Key Facts

While working as a Business and Corporate Development Consultant for Adesto Technologies, Karl saw the integration of ntegration of S3 Semiconductor and  Echelon, which increased revenue by 50%.

During Karl Motey’s time at Spin Memory, Inc., Motey established four impressive client relationships (Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft).

Previously, Karl Motey worked for Gigadevice Semiconductor, Inc. Here he established  Corporate Development practice in  the United States, as well as developed relationships with all major investment banks and law firms.