Artificial Intelligence (AI) used to be a thing of science fiction. Now it’s a reality, and it can be used to help boost your business. There are dozens of different ways that AI can help a business, from managing the basics to assisting with tricky tasks.

According to the Gartner report, approximately 37% of organizations are already using AI. Many are using them for automation purposes, thanks to the machine learning available within AI. Here are just a few of the ways that using AI can help your business.

Finding Relevant Data

Finding, understanding, and reporting on relevant data is a time-consuming task but required for all product managers. However, with the help of AI, this process can be simplified and painless.

AI bots can be programmed to understand what to look for, and once properly coded and trained, can even help to write up reports explaining the importance of its finds. This is barely scratching the surface of what AI can do, and yet it is both powerful and useful.

E-Mail Marketing

E-mail blasts have come back into fashion, as younger generations prefer to get targeted e-mails over pamphlets and other forms of advertising. With these concerns in mind, it is essential that businesses up their e-mail game.

That is where AI can come into play. AI can help to create effective and eye-catching marketing campaigns. Their algorithms can sort out the perfect item to tempt those customers hovering on the line of making a purchase.

Driving Customer Experience

It may sound counterintuitive to use AI for customer interactions and engagement, but doing so can positively impact customer experience. For one thing, AI can quickly and efficiently create a personalized experience per customer.

Conversational bots can help fill out customer service roles, especially with the popularity of online shopping. Consider how often customer service roles tend to get asked the same question – now AI is making even more sense.

Business Management

As mentioned earlier, AI can be implemented to automate many different parts of a business. AI can do everything from scheduling meetings to ensuring that bills are – and sorted.