These days, running a business is more approachable than ever, thanks to new technologies. New and small businesses should consider implementing tech whenever possible. Not only does this help to save money, but ultimately these tools will help smooth the process of running a business.

Here is a list of some technology that every business (especially those newer or smaller) should consider utilizing. These tools were made with running a business in mind, and their usefulness is evident.

CRM System

The customer relationship management (CRM) system is a tool that helps to collect, organize, and even analyze customer information. This tool saves countless hours of labor while keeping all data collated in one convenient place. When choosing a system, it is helpful to consider security measures alongside organizational tools.

HR Software

It is incredible seeing what can be automated thanks to the implementation of technology. These days, a business can use HR software, which can automatically process and handle applications, among other business concerns, including tracking individual employee goals.


Chatbots allow a company to consistently provide customer service – without having employees on the clock 24/7. Chatbots have become very advanced over the years, thanks to the development of artificial intelligence. Once a chatbot has been fully programmed, it will easily communicate with customers.

Email and Social Media Automation

Email blasts and social media accounts are two of the best ways to reach a wide array of potential customers. Better yet, these potential customers can be specifically targeted thanks to algorithms. Businesses can take this a step further by implementing email and social media tools. An email marketing system (EMS) allows companies to prepare and schedule email blasts ahead of time. In comparison, social media management tools include scheduling posts (including images) ahead of time and more, depending on the tier. 

3-D Printing

There are lots of little odds and ends that a business could need at a moment’s notice. A 3-D printer allows a company to print out what they need quickly. Not only does this cut out the middleman, but it can potentially save money as well. All while providing the ability to customize whatever tool is necessary. This is especially important for companies that need specialized or specific tools.