They say that technology never stops – and it’s true. Each year new technology comes out, better and more powerful than previous incarnations. It is easy to look forward to the latest inventions on the horizon, given how much technology has helped improve the world.

With 2022 officially underway, it is time to look at the new emerging technology that it brings with it. Here is a list of some of the impactful technologies and trends that will likely rise in the following year.

Smart Spaces

At this point, many people are familiar with the concept of a smart home (even if they do not personally own one). Smart spaces are the next logical step in this form of technology. Here, people turn a space into a technologically-enabled space, usually with specific purposes in mind.

For example, an office is a potential opportunity for a smart space. Other alternatives include building infrastructure, factories, events/venues, and even shops and restaurants. The need for social distancing is pushing the demand for smart spaces very hard, and thus the reason why we’ll see this rising trend in 2022.


People are more concerned than ever about sustainability and environmentally friendly alternatives. As such, we have seen a rise in technologically supported sustainable options. 

Consider the LED. They seemed novel a few years ago, but now they are almost commonplace. New sustainable technologies include smart devices for homes (for automatic temperature monitoring and the like), alternative energy sources, and so much more.

Health Tech

Speaking of growing concerns, people have learned that they need to take an active role in their health. As such, devices that help track and monitor health have risen for years. See the popularity of the Fitbit.

Wearable health tech will likely see another boost in 2022, primarily as technology develops to better support these needs. New metrics and concerns push the limits while defining unique needs within existing options.

Tech Security

Admittedly, the idea of increasing technological security doesn’t sound very flashy or fun. It is, however, quite essential. The more we rely on technology, the more prone we are to virtual attacks.

This is where increased security comes into play. With each new invention and boom in popularity, a piece of tech must likewise come with a new way to protect what we love. Again, it isn’t exhilarating – but it is essential to continue with this rising trend in technology.